Leadership at Christ Church is shared by staff and elected officers.
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Pastoral Staff

Pastors at Christ Church are typically theologically-trained, masters-degreed staff with ordination credentials in a recognized Christian denomination

Daniel Meyer
Senior Pastor

(630) 321-3941

(Deb Reha, Executive Associate)

Dan is our head-of-staff, directional leader, and chair of our Trustees and wider Elder Board. He preaches at a majority of our worship services and serves as the voice of LOVE CHANGES LIFE, Christ Church's television and radio outreach. Click on the following links for a brief bio or a full profile on Dan.

John Klingelhofer
Executive Pastor of Outreach

(630) 321-3903

Tracey Bianchi
Worship and Teaching Pastor

(630) 654-1882 ext. 296

Eric Camfield
Grow Ministry Pastor

(630) 321-6762

Rick Glyman
Adult Ministry and Care Pastor

(630) 321-6765

Pat Handley
Visitation Pastor

(630) 321-6773

Ken Lehman
Visitation Pastor

(630) 654-1882 (Ext. 337)