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Preparing For Eternity

A Guide for Reflecting on the Future and Helping Your Loved Ones at the Time of Your Death

Members of the Pastoral Staff of Christ Church of Oak Brook have assembled a booklet that provides a place for you to record information that you would want known at the time of your death. The message of Jesus Christ to you and to all who put their trust in Him is that we need not fear death. As difficult as it is to let go of this life -- with all its beauty, sweetness and relationships -- Jesus has prepared a place for those who follow Him that will make us realize that life on earth had been but a shadow of what was possible.

That does not remove the sadness of leaving behind, for the time being, the people we love. Yet one of the most loving things we can do for them is to give them information that will assist them in honoring our wishes once we have moved on. Amidst the understandable confusion and grief which our loved ones will feel at the time of our passing, we can bring them relief by leaving behind instructions to guide them.

The booklet gives you a place to record information about:

  • Your wishes regarding the prolonging of your life
  • Who should be contacted at the time of your death
  • Where important documents are located
  • Your wishes regarding final disposition of your remains
  • Your wishes regarding funeral/memorial services
  • Helpful resources
  • Other relevant issues