Stephen Ministry

New Stephen Ministry Training session TBD.
Are you gifted to be a Stephen Minister? Read more about this ministry below.
To set up your conversation about Stephen Ministry training, contact: Sherry Labate / / 630.321.3936

Stephen Ministers are lay men and women of any age who feel called and gifted by God to become a trained caring friend, available to those in need during a difficult season of life. To help you discern if the Lord might be calling you to this Ministry, please contact Sherry Labate, Adult Ministry and Care Associate. Sherry will schedule a Pastoral consultation with a pastor to discuss your faith journey, the gifts the Lord has given you, and your sense of call.

Tell me more about Stephen Ministry training.
• 50 hours of training needs to be completed over the course of several months, along with a general availability to serve as a Stephen Minister when needs arise
• training begins at a date to be determined; materials are $50. Some scholarship assistance may be available according to need. 

What will my Stephen Minister do?
• Your Stephen Minister will meet with you individually and on a regular basis in an agreed-upon location.
• Your Stephen Minister will listen, offer support and encouragement, and help you think about next steps as you walk through some difficult life circumstances.
• Your Stephen Minister will pray for and with you, and will encourage you to seek spiritual growth and healing.
• Your Stephen Minister will meet periodically for supervision with other Stephen Ministers. While your general situation may be discussed, your identity and specific conversations will be kept confidential, provided you are not at risk of harming yourself or others.
• When your particular difficulty has been resolved or your goals have been achieved, your Stephen Minister will talk with you about putting an end to your official relationship. Sometimes both people are interested in having an ongoing, more mutual friendship.

What is my role as a Care Receiver?
• Meet regularly - when appointments are missed or infrequent, it can be hard to keep a clear focus on your work together.
• Be honest - your Stephen Minister is not there to judge, so please talk as openly as you can about your situation and your thoughts/feelings.
• Realize that you are the key - so much depends upon your willingness to work towards growth. Your Stephen Minister cannot change your situation, but can walk alongside of you as you seek to take courageous steps forward.
• Pursue spiritual growth - true and lasting growth/healing occurs in relationship with God. Seek to know His will and purpose for you. Ask God for courage, insight, and wisdom. Connect with a community of believers who will encourage your growth and healing. 
• Understand the role of your Stephen Minister - unlike professional counselors, Stephen Ministers do not have years of training and do not receive payment for their services. They seek simply to show God's love by offering Christian care. Please understand that their purpose is not a mutual, ongoing friendship, but rather to help you in your personal situation. Their gift to you is the freedom to focus exclusively on helping yourself. Their greatest joy will be to see you move forward and to one day no longer need an official Stephen Minister.