We delight in authentic worship. Exalting and enjoying God is life’s great purpose and pleasure. We believe there are many ways to celebrate our Lord and Savior. We are one church that offers two expressions of worship to reach and disciple believers of all generations. From ancient hymns to modern music, we celebrate our diversity as we glorify Him.

Plus, discipleship programs are offered weekly for children and students up to eighth grade through our Children’s and Middle School Ministries. They are also always welcome in worship with their family. High School students are invited to worship with us in service.

If you enjoy singing historic hymns, reciting ancient creeds, and engaging God through more formal prayer and liturgy, Christ Church’s “classic” expression of worship will best connect with you. Services include Scripture readings, responsive prayers, gorgeous anthems sung by a robed choir, music from a soaring pipe organ, and a Bible-based sermon delivered from the pulpit.


Engage with the issues of our time through modern music, art, and liturgy in a relaxed atmosphere. Explore your faith through conversational-style preaching and worship leading that promotes fellowship with others.


A refreshing time of ministry where we sing classic Hymns, participate in Scripture readings, join together in prayer, hear an uplifting Bible-based message, and share in the Sacrament of Communion weekly. Music is led by outstanding vocalists accompanied by the majestic pipe organ or grand piano.


Can’t find a seat in Contemporary Worship or want a little extra room to spread out with your Bible? For the next 18 months, as our new worship facility is built, join us in the Café for this video venue that runs during the 10:45 am Contemporary service. Sip on a latté and enjoy some specialty donuts during this hour only.