Our Vision

See thousands of lives transformed for the good by getting personally engaged in life-change -- 4U+2

What Is God Calling Us to Do in the Season Ahead?

God’s heart beats with a relentless love for people. He aches over those who are far from him and longs to bring them home. He hurts for those whose lives aren’t working and longs to make them healthy. He yearns for the poor and crushed of our world and longs to lift them up. 

Because God’s heart beats in us, changing lives toward his good intentions is our personal passion too. We don’t sit on the couch or stand on the sideline waiting for somebody else to magically transform our life or fix a world in need. We get personally engaged in life-change…

  • For ourselves – by practicing a STEP plan  (i.e. we get the sight, training, equipment, partners we need to have God change our own life for the good)
  • For others – by serving with our gifts  (i.e. we give, go, witness, volunteer)

Think “4U+2.” Imagine seeing your life (4U) and that of at least two other people (+2) dramatically changed for the better in the days ahead. If every person who attends worship in a given month at Christ Church sought God’s life-changing power for themselves and two others in the next year, we would see 10,000 lives changed for the good.  Be part of that miracle.

What Goals Are We Pursuing to Advance This Vision?

  1. GROW HEALTH: Provide focused, practical help to church leaders, the congregation, and community in developing significantly greater spiritual, emotional, and relational health.
  2. SERVE NEEDS: Express with greater clarity, compassion, and commitment the servant mission of Jesus toward the spiritual and material needs of people – especially closest to us.
  3. OPEN DOORS: Engage hundreds of de-churched persons (especially younger ones) in the worship of God and the fellowship of his people by lowering barriers to involvement.
  4. LOVE PEOPLE: Foster a significantly warmer, more inviting spirit and experience of “Hospitality at the Heart” of our congregation, facilities, and ministries.
  5. MULTIPLY LEADERS: Develop a leadership farm system that identifies, mentors, and deploys leading disciples for our most significant ministry and mission needs.