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Funeral Services and Memorial Services are provided for both members and non-members of Christ Church of Oak Brook.

Funeral or Memorial services provide an important time and place for loved ones to express the love they feel for their departed loved one and the thanksgiving they want to express to God for the gift of life as known in their loved one; to process some of the grief they feel; to benefit from the support of friends and family; and to experience the grace and Spirit of God.

The ministerial staff of the Prayer & Care Department is available to assist persons in either the pre-planning or planning of these important services of worship and remembrance. The facilities and musical resources of the church are available for said services. Receptions can also be provided.

The "Funeral & Memorial" brochure will answer your questions and direct you in the process of having a funeral or memorial service at Christ Church of Oak Brook.

"Preparing for Eternity" is a guide for reflecting on the future and helping persons and their loved ones prepare for death. Members of the Pastoral Staff of Christ Church of Oak Brook have assembled this booklet to provide a place for you to record information that you would want known at the time of your death. The booklet gives you a place to record information about...

  • Your wishes regarding the prolonging of your life.
  • Who should be contacted at the time of your death.
  • Where important documents are located.
  • Your wishes regarding final disposition of your remains.
  • Your wishes regarding funeral/memorial services.
  • Some helpful resources.
  • And other provocative and relevant issues