Lenten Small Group Study

Small Groups are life-giving communities who gather to study, learn, and live together for the purpose of God.

During the Lenten season we want to be an intentional community of believers who gather to focus on who we can "Give Up" things in our life that keep us at distance from a deeper relationship with God. For the six weeks of Lent, we will explore what it means to give up some of the attitudes that limit our lives.



Below you will find each week's small group resources, available to download and share as a group. You will also find the full Lent devotional booklet created as another resource to assist you in "Giving Up" this Lenten season.

Week One Giving Up Control Download Now
Week Two Giving Up Hurry
Practice Slowing
Practice Sabbath

Download Now

Download Now
Download Now

Week Three Giving Up Need To Be Right Download Now
Week Four Giving Up Anger Download Now
Week Five Giving Up Worry Download Now
Week Six Giving Up My Restless Consumption (Gluttony) Download Now
Week Seven Easter 2017 Download Now