Our Vision

What Is God Calling Us to Do in the Season Ahead?

Root our lives more deeply in Christ for the sake of others (Ephesians 3:14-21)

In a world where it is easy to become ROOTLESS people who simply skim across the surface of life or else RESTLESS people who plug in and out of various soils, we believe Christ has called us to sink our roots deeply in him. Christ wants us to invest more regularly in the practices of worship and growth that establish the connection through which he can pour his life into us. (John 15:1-8)

Christ's goal is not only to give us the stability we need to endure life's storms and the nourishment we need to live a more abundant life. He also wants to reach OTHERS through us. Our vision is to have Jesus move through us to bring a life of greater flourishing to tens of thousands of other people in the years ahead. 

What Goals Are We Pursuing to Advance This Vision?

  1. GROW HEALTH: Provide practical help to church leaders, the congregation, and community in developing significantly greater spiritual, emotional, and relational health.
  2. SERVE NEEDS: Advance the servant mission of Jesus toward the spiritual and material needs of people – especially in the Roosevelt Road Corridor and in Kenya, Africa.
  3. OPEN DOORS: Engage hundreds of de-churched persons (especially younger ones) in the worship of God and the fellowship of his people by lowering barriers to involvement.
  4. LOVE PEOPLE: Foster a significantly warmer, more inviting spirit and experience of “Hospitality at the Heart” of our congregation, facilities, and ministries.
  5. MULTIPLY LEADERS: Develop a leadership farm system that identifies, mentors, and deploys leading disciples for our most significant ministry and mission needs.